Award Winning Artists!


Blue Morning Gallery is the home gallery of many artists who have won many awards during their careers. 
This month’s featured artist:

Morris Eaddy’s Second Appearance on Magazine, “American Psychologist”

Morris Eaddy Morris Eaddy Morris Eaddy Morris Eaddy

Local Artist, Morris Eaddy’s painting, The Fisherman is displayed on the cover of the magazine, “American Psychologist.”  The Fisherman is the second piece of work chosen throughout the artist’s career for the cover of the magazine, although Dr. Eaddy’s art is well known in the area and around the country and has displayed in many shows and Galleries, and received many awards.  The special awards issue of November 2007 had his abstract painting Celebration on its cover.  Since that time, Eaddy has continued to paint and to experiment with different paints and surfaces, all the while honing his particular style.

He is currently exhibiting in the Blue Morning Gallery, 21 Palafox Pl., and has also exhibited in Quayside Gallery, and at a one-man show at the Wright Gallery, all in Pensacola, Florida.  Also a Gallery, Local Color, in nearby Pace, Florida exhibits Dr. Eaddy’s paintings.

Dr. Eaddy was President and CEO of Lakeview Center for 41 years and during the last few years also a Senior Vice President for Behavioral Healthcare at Baptist Health Care.  He was founding President of two national behavioral healthcare organizations and three times President of the Florida community mental health providers organization.  Married to Lee, also an artist, and father to four splendid young adults has been a joy to his life as well as playing a wicked musical saw, sometimes combined with a lecture or show.

To visit Blue Morning Gallery and see the bright paintings is a worthwhile venture and those lucky enough to catch Dr. Eaddy at the co-op Gallery for a chat will find a fascinating story of the techniques and unusual tools used for a wide array of work spanning the esoteric to animals, scenes of home, memories of fishing trips and more, as well as amazing contemporary abstracts.

The particular technique that has captured Dr. Eaddy’s imagination, though he has used many others is watercolor and/or acrylic on Yupo paper.  Yupo is a synthetic “paper” with a hard surface that does not absorb watercolor paint.  Because of the finish of Yupo “paper,” the paint can be manipulated in many ways to work and rework as he sees fit and as the work progresses into the finished piece, surprises may happen that he decides are appropriate and pleasing to the finished project.  The textures and effects are as interesting as the subject matter.  Dr. Eaddy lets his Yupo watercolors dry after sometimes working on up to six pieces at a time, when he is finished, he then varnishes the pieces and arranges for framing.  Dr. Eaddy currently offers classes and workshops for interested students of art or anyone who would like to experiment and perhaps master the process of painting on Yupo.

Painting is Eaddy’s second career; his “previous life” was devoted to Psychology and administrating and developing one of Florida’s largest mental health clinics for many years and has received many honors for his devotion to the mental health of the community.

Since, he has inspired many on transitioning through a changing world and changing and challenging stages of life, and most recently though a recent lecture at the University of West Florida on art and aging, along with an exhibition of some of his paintings.  Dr. Eaddy is an inspiration and a leader in transitioning through stages of life and amazing proof that life doesn’t fade away, life can take on new meanings and attributes and his contributions and achievements in the art community have been ample proof that life can be dazzling, fascinating, and full of beauty and meaning.  His work shows a many faceted person, one who loves family, pets, fishing a stream or pond, or “just the joys of living” as well as paintings that sometimes seem mysterious and deep and speak to places deep inside of one’s psyche, a reminder of the many roads Morris Eaddy has walked in his life.