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Upcoming Events Dec 06, 2016 Comments Off on Next Spotlight on Art-

Featured Artist:
Suzanne Tuzzeo -Photographer
Tammy Casperson – Potter
Projections: Perspectives in Photography and Pottery features the exclusive, creations from award-winning Suzanne Tuzzeo, Photographer and Tammy Caspersen, Potter. This show pulls from the imagination as well as the ever-changing world as it exists.

Color, shape, and abstract images pulled from reality all play to the photographic style of Suzanne. Projecting her visual perspectives with the backdrop that people all see something different in the same scene or image, provides a wide variety of content and imagery in her photography. It is this unique perspective that speaks for Suzanne.

From raw clay to finished product, Tammy follows steps established over the centuries by potters on every continent. In this show, Tammy utilizes talents learned over the years to show her perspectives in pottery from the whimsical to the stylized reality of the Everglades. Throwing on the wheel, hand building techniques, sculpting, and the use of graffito all tell her stories.

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