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Brown, Bill

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Bill Brown Originally from Mobile, Alabama but a resident of Pensacola since 1968.  Bill took up painting in 1970, but put it aside for the 1980s due to other involvements.  In the early 1990s, he again began painting.

An engineer by education, but in the latter part of his professional career he was more involved in long range planning and programming.

Probably due to his engineering background, his artistic efforts seem to involve some aspect of construction or which develop as an assemblage.  This is reflected in his sculptures (mobiles and stables), his corner paintings, his woven paintings, and his mixed media collages.

Although he considers himself largely self-taught, he was privileged, early on, to study with Max Carter and Nina Fritz.  Originally, his primary art medium was oil (to which he desires to return someday) but for now he limits himself to acrylics and metal sculpture.
Painting is his greatest relaxation and he feels that you can totally lose yourself in it.  “Seeing something emerge at the end of your brush is a fascinating experience.”  His ideas seem to come from anywhere and everywhere – from reading material, from television, from movies, from nature – everywhere.

His works are held in private collections in the Southern states and by the MUSEUM OF ART, Mobile, Alabama.  He was honored with a Best in Show Award at the 1979 SEAS National Art Exhibition, Panama City, Florida.


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