McMillan, Meghan

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Born in 1982, Meghan has lived in Pensacola and always been surrounded with accessible inspiration.  Beginning school at St. Paul’s Catholic, she was able to enjoy art lessons at an young age.  Early in her artistic formation, she was interested in more exact drawing and painting.  As she matured, so did her style.  She has become more impulsive and sensitive while maintaining her ability and need for precision.  Throughout High School at B.T. Washington, as her artistic ability grew, her devotion intensified.  Taking as many art classes as allowed was a great experience and she decided to pursue art in college.

At The University of West Florida, she was mostly interested in sculpture, the bigger the better.  The shapes she generated were, for the most part, symmetrical.  It is this symmetry that contributes to the overall unity and serenity of her art.  In some of her pieces, she strove to capture specific elements of nature in abstract and organic simplicity.  While some artists may try to draw interest and enthusiasm by utilizing bright colors and harsh shapes, she seeks to attract viewers who search for peace and contemplation.  With the world around her in such chaos, she tries to envelop her life and in turn, her work, in tranquility; she hopes to give emotional relief to those who choose to glance her way.  After a few stimulating years, she received her B.A. of Studio Art and Philosophy in 2005.

After college, she slowed down in making art and focused on work.  After getting married May 19th 2007, she is now fortunate enough to work only part-time and has once again realized the joys of creating, as Meghan Shea McMillan.  Recently, her style has evolved both in skill and medium.  She has become interested in objects related to time, family, and history.  Using old watch parts, buttons vinyl records, lace, letterpress letters, Anagram game pieces, and keys, she has explored jewelry-making.  Making and wearing these pieces has been a wonderful experience.  She has always been timid about selling her art, but has decided that she is now ready to do so.  Her jewelry has been well received by many and she hopes to continue to spread the appreciation of the inherent narrative and significance of delicate objects.

Most recently, she is creating unique etched copper jewelry and enjoys custom orders.



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