Snyder, Tom

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Tom Snyder is a native of Georgia, born in Spalding County. Most of his life has been lived in Florida. Tom comes from a long line of country carpenters. Not those who make a living building houses, cabinets, furniture, etc., but those who build the houses they live in, make the furniture they use, and even the art they admire. Their’s  is a desire to be self-sufficient–to be able to do.
 These natural boxes come from just such a talent and desire. They come from his father’s desire to reject the world of the time-clock and  bosses and use an artistic talent inherent in his family to support himself and his family.
He and his father have worked in this craft together and apart for over 25 years. The boxes have changed over the years and will continue to change as they continue to develop their art and find different woods.
“The art has allowed me not just to make a living, but to live while making it. While some of the wood we use is shipped in from various places, some of the wood we have we have collected ourselves. There are many fond memories of going out by boat, down rivers, into the salt marshes, onto islands not far from the Gulf. The work was hot and hard, but we were often rewarded by the sight of dolphins dancing nearby;  the osprey diving into the water to catch his lunch; the eagle perched in her nest with a clutch of young ones. We have seen things most can only see on the Discovery Channel.
The wood we use preserves nature a little longer. Wood is a renewable resource: it grows, it dies, and, unless the land is abused, another takes its place. When we seek wood it is only the dead wood we seek. Nature often has beauty even in death, and we attempt to bring this out. Dead wood left to itself soon is gone. We take it, preserve it, and allow others to enjoy what nature has to offer if only in a limited way.
I hope you enjoy seeing this little piece of nature.”


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