Desposito, Martha

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Rennie, Diane

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Williams, Dave

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Oxley, Joy

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As an artist, I am drawn to the sparkle and twinkle of glass! Reflections of color and light, it’s riveting glisten, begs to be created and captured in unique shapes. It is a connection with art and beauty that speaks to the soul.

The fused dichroic glass design in the photo above, is made using a kiln, diamond saws, and lapidary equipment. These gold filled settings are cold connection work, made using a file, pliers, hammer and steel. I use a lot of silver wire, hammering, and bending into shape with my hands and tools to create original settings.

My other passion in the world of glass is lampworking (torch work), using pyrex. It’s resilience, clarity, and endless colors evoke wonder, conversation; and accentuate everyone’s own sense of style.

The materials that I use to create my wearable art glass have been manufactured in the USA.
You can see more of my work at


Holland, Marcia

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Chandler, Christine

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Artist Christine Chandler

Artist Christine Chandler


True art was created when God spoke this world into being.  We, as artists in any medium, take what already is, and mold it into an expression of what our soul has to say about it.  I have been a member of Blue Morning Gallery since 2007 with my photography.  In 2010 I also joined in the creation of Pearl and Leather Jewelry.

As a photographer I cannot limit myself to just one genre.  I see beauty in everything I look on and everywhere I look.  My desire with photography is to somehow capture that moment, to gaze upon it again, and experience what my soul says about it.  Art to me opens the doorway within ourselves that so many people close off due to the ritual of everyday life.  It can make us laugh and smile.  It can also make us cry and feel sadness.  It is all good, because it says, “I am Alive!”

My Jewelry creations are also about nature.  Taking the raw and simple pearls and leather and creating beautiful pieces of jewelry.  I call it an “Earthy Elegant” look.  Just as in photography, jewelry making needs a creative eye of balance and composition.  In my jewelry pieces I only use high quality pearls that I drill to fit the 2mm leather.  I also have incorporated some Sterling Silver into some of my designs.

Along with being involve as an artist at Blue Morning Gallery, I also participate in numerous Art Festivals throughout the South Eastern United States.  Plus I also have a very strong online presence at

Brown Peacock Multistrand 8 1920 sig BC 1920 Bracele2t Sig A Reef Knot Neck 2 1920 sig etsy
BW 1920 Dock 9x14 canvas signature KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA 1920 Mighty Waters 2 RGB 20 x10 signature


Kurtz, Jan

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Jan Kurtz Kurtz03

Inspiration and fascination with the environment around us is apparent in the intimate naturescapes that Jan creates.  Her interest in art is shared by her mother and grandmother, and was rekindled after years of studying science, as she began taking art classes in the late 90’s.  She has learned from many mentors who first her sparked creativity through the brilliance and transparency of watercolor, introduced the immediacy and subtlety of pastels, and most recently demonstrated the richness and texture of oils.  Her association with the Pensacola Museum of Art, Gulf Breeze Arts and the Plein Air Painters strengthened her work.

Her commitment to the environment extends to service as a research biologist with the US Environmental Protection Agency, where she investigates ecological problems that affect the Gulf of Mexico, including water quality, the dead zone and red tide.  She remains captivated by things from nature from broad vistas to small things like rocks and bugs or even microscopic shapes.

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