Shaw, Susie

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Susie Shaw is a native local of Pensacola FL. She has always been active in art and has a Bachelor degree in Graphic Design and Advertising from the University of North Florida. Susie attributes her talent and love of art to her mentor and grandfather, Roy Best, who was a fine artist. He exposed her to art at an early age and uniquely taught her the gift of how to visually analyze her subject. Susie’s use of vibrant color and light in her art communicates not only the subject itself, but conveys a feeling or sense of season. Susie is expressive in other media as well.

Susie Shaw - Coconut Tree Susie Shaw 1 Susie Shaw 2
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Loethen, Carol

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Coming from a small town, Bunkie, Louisiana where as a child every day after school she would have fun making ceramics.  Over her elementary school years she achieved many awards for her ceramic designs.  Carol was always told in school how good her art was but felt it should be a hobby and not a career.  Therefore, when she attended college she chose Fine Art as a Minor.  She worked for many years in retail, bookkeeping, and accounting.  At the same time perusing her passion in many art forms as painting, woodworking, polymer clay, and jewelry design.

Later in life she went back to college and graduated with a degree in Graphic Design.  Having this degree has enhanced her skills as an artist.  Carol has her own business, Loethen Design, where she specializes in fashion photography, mixed media, and jewelry design.

Carol now lives in Pensacola Beach, Florida with her husband, David, who is also a photographer and artist.  Her work has been published in magazines and has been exhibited in juried art shows.

"Spiral" by Carol Loethen "Girl Blk-Eye" by Carol Loethen "Girl In Blue" by Carol Loethen
"Girl with Moon Eyes" by Carol Loethen "Melody" by Carol Loethen "Shadow" by Carol Loethen


Miron, Staci

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Staci Miron paints whimsical and experimental art of faces, spaces, and places.


Spirson, Chip

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Holland, Marcia

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Roselli, Richard

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Roselli 02 Richard is a Pensacola native.  He has always been interested in art but has only explored painting for a relatively short period in his life.  First in the mid 70s when he worked in oils and was a member of the Quayside Art Gallery of Pensacola.  Most recently he has concentrated on the medium of watercolor.

Richard paints primarily as a realist and enjoys painting a variety of subjects.  He also takes his inspiration from the beautiful vistas and prominent landmarks of the Florida Gulf Coast and his home town Pensacola.

With no formal art training Richard considers himself a novice and privileged to be associated with the “Blue Morning Gallery”.  See more of his work by following the link above to his other webpage.  Richard would also love to hear from you via the email link above.


Tarnok, Jean

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Jean Tarnok I have been interested in art since a child and have been drawing and painting since I was very young.  I studied under many artists, was self-taught and took many workshops before beginning work for an art degree—which I always wanted.  After I had my two children, I returned to college and completed with a BFA in painting.  Always fascinated with the beauty of all things created, I particularly enjoyed the intense observation required with representational work.  I also enjoyed inner reflections when working with psychological and conceptual subjects, typical of many abstracts.  Being very interested in human behavior and psychology, I enjoy making figurative and portraiture works, with a range from very abstract to very representational.

Initially, I began using photography merely as a means of obtaining references for other art works.  But while taking it in college, I fell in love with photography as a means of recording the beauty in the world and as a medium for making art.

In paintings and photography, I like using shape, color and composition to capture a moment in time, which interests me, and to hopefully move viewers.

Tarnok 05 Tarnok 06 Tarnok 03