Adams, Kelsi

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Kelsi Adams is an artist, designer, wife and mother. Raised in northwest Florida, she attended Pensacola State College and earned her A.S. in Graphic Design in 2015. Kelsi’s artistic journey however, began in 2010 in a concert photo pit in North Carolina. She fell in love with the challenge of capturing the theatrics of the show, and like all of the things that go into putting on a great show, she uses her experiences in photography and design to create a unique esthetic of storytelling through her artwork.

K. Adams - Bridges I May Burn K. Adams - Birdwalkers
K. Adams - BTP 1921 K. Adams - To The Mountain K. Adams - The Deep Dark


Lisner, Chuck

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Loethen, Carol

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Coming from a small town, Bunkie, Louisiana where as a child every day after school she would have fun making ceramics.  Over her elementary school years she achieved many awards for her ceramic designs.  Carol was always told in school how good her art was but felt it should be a hobby and not a career.  Therefore, when she attended college she chose Fine Art as a Minor.  She worked for many years in retail, bookkeeping, and accounting.  At the same time perusing her passion in many art forms as painting, woodworking, polymer clay, and jewelry design.

Later in life she went back to college and graduated with a degree in Graphic Design.  Having this degree has enhanced her skills as an artist.  Carol has her own business, Loethen Design, where she specializes in fashion photography, mixed media, and jewelry design.

Carol now lives in Pensacola Beach, Florida with her husband, David, who is also a photographer and artist.  Her work has been published in magazines and has been exhibited in juried art shows.

"Spiral" by Carol Loethen "Girl Blk-Eye" by Carol Loethen "Girl In Blue" by Carol Loethen
"Girl with Moon Eyes" by Carol Loethen "Melody" by Carol Loethen "Shadow" by Carol Loethen


Jones, Allen

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Since the mid-1970’s, I have been a photographer, filmmaker, and all-around creative person traveling the world on assignments for companies such as General Electric, Lockheed Martin, and General Dynamics. In this time I wrote, directed, and produced over 100 video and multi-media productions, designed dozens of national level trade show exhibits, wrote and produced countless pieces of printed literature, wrote many key executive speeches, and shot film and digital still images from the land, sea, and air in many locations around the U.S. and in Europe.

In 2005 I left the corporate world and started FRESH Creative, a marketing communications company based in Burlington, Vermont and now, more recently, in Pensacola, Florida. Working with a diverse group of clients, FRESH creative provides a range of services including: graphic design, website design and hosting, photography, public relations, email marketing, and brand development.

In 2008 I launched, a video production company producing the epicRIDES series of virtual cycling videos for use in indoor cycling classes and for home training on indoor bikes. Since then, I have produced 19 epicRIDES titles, shot on location all over the United States. epicRIDES downloads and DVDs are sold on the website to home trainers and indoor cycling instructors around the world. The video series has also been licensed to the Bicycle Television channel in Italy and to exercise video on-demand companies in the U.S. and Denmark.

In more recent years, I decided to return to still photography with an emphasis on architecture and landscapes in the Pensacola and surrounding Gulf Coast region. My current body of work exceeds 100 released images and can be seen at

In March of this year I participated as a photographer in my first juried art festival, Gulf Breeze Celebrates the Arts. I have also been accepted by the jury to participate in the Pensacola Museum of Art’s, Art in the Park festival to be held in May of this year.

I currently reside full time in Pensacola and am married and have four children and three grand-children.

My goal as a Architectural and Landscape Photographer is to accurately and expressively interpret the beauty and inherent drama in a chosen setting.

My criteria for success is to produce an image that is a richly lit, highly dimensional and appealing depiction of the scene before me. One that is free of unnecessary distractions. An image that has strong drawing power and appeal.

In taking an image, I often visit a location several times: scouting; wait for the right weather, light, and sky; and then usually arriving before dawn or staying long after sunset. Patience is more than a virtue here – it’s a prerequisite.

And then there are those times when serendipity visits, I just happen to be at the right place at the right time, and fortunately have my camera at the ready. When lightening strikes (which isn’t often) you have to be ready to grab it.

When the time is right to push the shutter release, I strive to capture an extremely high quality raw image, with shooting parameters optimized to achieve my vision for the scene before me. To do this, I use the best of cameras, lenses, and filters as well as give careful attention to the myriad technical details of digital photography. Depending on the situation, I might also employ specialized photographic techniques such as extremely long exposures, exposure bracketing, multi-image panoramic shooting, and the use of a small remote control quadcopter for low altitude aerials. A level of technical mastery is crucial but more important is a sense of composition, an understanding of the possibilities and limitations of lighting, and a desire to connect with a place to better grasp it’s essence and then translate that into a photograph.

In post-processing images I believe in providing an accurate presentation of the scene while at the same time enhancing and optimizing the tonal range and color to give it appeal and drawing power. While the photographer of today has an extensive array of processing tools available, restraint and a vision for the the final result is essential. Often, less is more. In the end, each finished image becoming a prized trophy in my photographic trophy case.

Narrowing my subject focus to build a body of work has led me to interpret through photography the iconic buildings and businesses, monuments and churches, key activities and landmarks in and around the city of Pensacola and build it into a comprehensive collection I call – Pensacola Icons.

I am now well along that path with over 100 released images available for purchase. Since going on sale at local galleries in 2014 and at juried art festivals in 2015, these images have garnered several Pensacola News Journal and television mentions and now grace the walls of numerous homes both near and far as well as those of several Pensacola businesses.

AGJ-1 AGJ-16 AGJ-18 AGJ-91 AGJ-106 AGJ-116 AGJ-117


Brueske, Frank

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“A photograph by Frank Brueske is an instant of time captured forever”

Originally from Southeastern Minnesota, Frank  now resides in Pace, FL.  He has been has been capturing those “instant of times” for more than 60 years. His passion for photography came alive one evening as he watched a cousin make black & white prints in a makeshift darkroom.  His world would be forever changed after that night.

Specializing in black and white photography, his life’s journey has taken him around the world.  His photographs reflect the many different faces of life ranging from the French Quarter in New Orleans, the cobblestone streets of Prague to the shorelines of rivers and oceans. While his passion is black and white photography, he has started to capture the beautiful scenery of the gulf coast in digital color. His photographs have appeared world-wide.

Brueske, who is self taught, has produced 15 solo exhibits. His first one-man show was in l963.  In his retirement years he has created four solo exhibit themes, “Vintage American on Parade,” “ Barnscapes and Other Scenes,”  “Doorways of the French Quarter” and “60 Years of Black & White Photography-and A Splash of Color.”  His most recent was “Pensacola’s Krewe of Lafitte Illuminated Mardi Gras  Parade.” He is currently working on two others.

He has participated in several gallery nights in Pensacola and has donated his work for nonprofit organizations’ fundraising efforts.

For many years, he developed his own film and made all of his own black and white silver gelatin (darkroom) prints. He now uses a digital camera and prints his own black and white and color giclees.

Many people have asked him, “What do you like to photograph?” He responds, “Whatever the spirit moves me. I want to show people life as I see it.”

Beach Blum for BMC Abandoned Car BMG Ocean Sunrise BMG Spare Time for BMG


Emery, James

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Chandler, Christine

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Artist Christine Chandler

Artist Christine Chandler


True art was created when God spoke this world into being.  We, as artists in any medium, take what already is, and mold it into an expression of what our soul has to say about it.  I have been a member of Blue Morning Gallery since 2007 with my photography.  In 2010 I also joined in the creation of Pearl and Leather Jewelry.

As a photographer I cannot limit myself to just one genre.  I see beauty in everything I look on and everywhere I look.  My desire with photography is to somehow capture that moment, to gaze upon it again, and experience what my soul says about it.  Art to me opens the doorway within ourselves that so many people close off due to the ritual of everyday life.  It can make us laugh and smile.  It can also make us cry and feel sadness.  It is all good, because it says, “I am Alive!”

My Jewelry creations are also about nature.  Taking the raw and simple pearls and leather and creating beautiful pieces of jewelry.  I call it an “Earthy Elegant” look.  Just as in photography, jewelry making needs a creative eye of balance and composition.  In my jewelry pieces I only use high quality pearls that I drill to fit the 2mm leather.  I also have incorporated some Sterling Silver into some of my designs.

Along with being involve as an artist at Blue Morning Gallery, I also participate in numerous Art Festivals throughout the South Eastern United States.  Plus I also have a very strong online presence at

Brown Peacock Multistrand 8 1920 sig BC 1920 Bracele2t Sig A Reef Knot Neck 2 1920 sig etsy
BW 1920 Dock 9x14 canvas signature KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA 1920 Mighty Waters 2 RGB 20 x10 signature