Tremmel, Jeffery

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Schulz, David

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ARTIST STATEMENT •  To get the best photographs, it is not about luck or the equipment that I use, but rather, it is about being passionate about what I am shooting and being in the moment. And, most importantly, it is about connecting with whomever or whatever I am photographing.

ARTIST BIO •  Although originally from Virginia, David considers Gulf Breeze, FL home having lived there for nearly 30 years. As a graphic designer, by trade, David SchuIz carries that “design-eye” into his photography by using and finding unique perspectives, shapes and colors to draw a viewer into his photographs.

David is endlessly inspired by the beautiful art displays that God lays before him, whether it is a gorgeous sunrise or ominous storm rolling in, David strives to find and capture the splendor of it all in his landscape photography. David also enjoys taking nature, portrait and wildlife photography.

David enjoys learning and sharing his experiences through his participation in art festivals, local events and being an active member in Pensacola’s Wide Angle Photo Club.

David Schulz - 2 David Schulz - 3
David Schulz - 4 David Schulz - 5 David Schulz - 6


Spencer, Vivian

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Koenig, William

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Adams, Kelsi

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Kelsi Adams is an artist, designer, wife and mother. Raised in northwest Florida, she attended Pensacola State College and earned her A.S. in Graphic Design in 2015. Kelsi’s artistic journey however, began in 2010 in a concert photo pit in North Carolina. She fell in love with the challenge of capturing the theatrics of the show, and like all of the things that go into putting on a great show, she uses her experiences in photography and design to create a unique esthetic of storytelling through her artwork.

K. Adams - Bridges I May Burn K. Adams - Birdwalkers
K. Adams - BTP 1921 K. Adams - To The Mountain K. Adams - The Deep Dark


Lisner, Chuck

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Loethen, Carol

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Coming from a small town, Bunkie, Louisiana where as a child every day after school she would have fun making ceramics.  Over her elementary school years she achieved many awards for her ceramic designs.  Carol was always told in school how good her art was but felt it should be a hobby and not a career.  Therefore, when she attended college she chose Fine Art as a Minor.  She worked for many years in retail, bookkeeping, and accounting.  At the same time perusing her passion in many art forms as painting, woodworking, polymer clay, and jewelry design.

Later in life she went back to college and graduated with a degree in Graphic Design.  Having this degree has enhanced her skills as an artist.  Carol has her own business, Loethen Design, where she specializes in fashion photography, mixed media, and jewelry design.

Carol now lives in Pensacola Beach, Florida with her husband, David, who is also a photographer and artist.  Her work has been published in magazines and has been exhibited in juried art shows.

"Spiral" by Carol Loethen "Girl Blk-Eye" by Carol Loethen "Girl In Blue" by Carol Loethen
"Girl with Moon Eyes" by Carol Loethen "Melody" by Carol Loethen "Shadow" by Carol Loethen