Arroyo, Marianne

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Marianne Arroyo is an artist living and working in Northwest, Florida.  She is inspired by her love of travel and by her many visits to museums and galleries wherever she goes.

Arroyo, a native of New York, studied Art Education at the University of Nebraska at Omaha and received her BFA in Drawing and Painting from Northern Michigan University.  She is an Adjunct Instructor at Pensacola State College, teaching watercolor and acrylic painting, and drawing classes for the last 12 years in the Continuing Education program.  Teaching adults provides a great source of satisfaction for Marianne, she delights in the success of her students, especially those who paint for the first time in her classes.

Marianne is a member of the Florida Watercolor Society.  Her work has exhibited in many shows and venues throughout the United States.

Though travel has served as inspiration for much of her work, Marianne also finds beauty in the everyday aspects of life around her….especially in beautiful northwest Florida.

Marianne Arroyo - 20160805_102542
"Brugge Bicycle" by Marianne Arroyo "Old Florida" by Marianne Arroyo "Parisian Fancies" by Marianne Arroyo


Hines, CeCe

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Most recently arrived from Santa Fe, NM, Cecile Hines is now a resident of Pensacola, Florida.

Filled with enthusiasm for her new surroundings she hopes to share her appreciation of the area in her artwork (watercolors, oils, pen & ink, and silverpoint).

Her formal education is from Munson Williams Proctor Institute in NY and her work has been hung there.

She has attended workshops with artists Frank Webb, Mario Cooper, Greg LaRoc, and multiple workshops with Alvaro Castagnet world famous watercolorist.

She is represented in Alabama and Florida, is a Pensacola Museum member and won first place in this years Member’s Show.  She has also been selected to participate in the First City Show and participated in the Pensacola Fair.

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CeCe Hines IMG 2317 CeCe Hines IMG 1752 CeCe Hines IMG 2155


Obe, Diana Kaye

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Obe 7 Passion for life vibrates in Diana’s renderings of subjects that capture her imagination.  She works most often focusing on a series and in mediums of charcoal, oil, acrylics, and pastels, though all mediums attract her including pottery, computer digital art and web design, metal jewelry making, fabric art and mixed media.  Diana is fascinated with the process of color as light which for her is the quintessential…the image, the media, the tool, and herself being at one in the space of creativity.

Although she is a lover of vibrant color, the attraction of the mood created by a simple material through values and line evoked by charcoal makes the medium fascinating to her and constantly keeps her challenged.

Diana Obe Growing up in Wyoming contributed to a love of nature as she roamed the prairies and mountains noticing all that was around her; mountains, streams and prairies, abundant with wildlife.  As she grew older, far away places began to call her inviting travel when possible and she began recording images, delighting in the diversity of landscape, custom, and people.  Believing that art gives form to experience, the images she transforms into art are translations of her wide and varied experiences for you, the viewer.

Diana flows from portraits of people to still life, wildlife, tropicals, and any other subjects that strike her fancy; scenes from near and far away places, including places in her imagination.  She is especially attracted to those subjects that strike an emotional chord within.

Her passion for creating art began in childhood days in Wyoming, but was set aside to raise her children.  In 1990 she and her family moved to Pensacola.  The prolific art atmosphere of Northwest Florida and opportunities to study under well known local artists renewed a creative passion and prompted her to return to college to earn her degree in Multimedia Production.

She has exhibited her art in various exhibits and galleries from Wyoming to Pensacola, Florida. Her love for her home, Pensacola, Florida, has given her a passion for all things concerning the Creation and particularly for the Gulf of Mexico and its swamps, wetlands, magnificent oaks, and other beauties of the South.  She seeks to honor through her work the culture of the South and beloved “far away places.”


Kurtz, Jan

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Jan Kurtz Kurtz03

Inspiration and fascination with the environment around us is apparent in the intimate naturescapes that Jan creates.  Her interest in art is shared by her mother and grandmother, and was rekindled after years of studying science, as she began taking art classes in the late 90’s.  She has learned from many mentors who first her sparked creativity through the brilliance and transparency of watercolor, introduced the immediacy and subtlety of pastels, and most recently demonstrated the richness and texture of oils.  Her association with the Pensacola Museum of Art, Gulf Breeze Arts and the Plein Air Painters strengthened her work.

Her commitment to the environment extends to service as a research biologist with the US Environmental Protection Agency, where she investigates ecological problems that affect the Gulf of Mexico, including water quality, the dead zone and red tide.  She remains captivated by things from nature from broad vistas to small things like rocks and bugs or even microscopic shapes.

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Woodward, Elaine

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Elaine Woodward Elaine Woodward enjoys working in several media including watercolor, pastels, oils, pencil, and pen and ink. Her favorite subjects include animals, flowers, beach scenes, and people.

Elaine, originally from Cincinnati, Ohio, began painting with local artist, Don Lewis, at the age of 12 and continued with him until entering college.  She attended Bowling Green State University in Bowling Green, Ohio, graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree with a specialty in painting.  Elaine was employed as a technical illustrator for General Electric Aircraft Engine Group in Evendale, Ohio for six years where she enhanced her skills and interest in pen and ink.

Woodward 2 In 1994 Elaine and her family relocated to Pace, Florida, and became involved with the area schools her sons were attending.  She designed the first “Wild About Learning” t-shirt for Dixon Intermediate School and later designed shirts for several sports’ teams at Pace High School.  Elaine created 3 large canvases in acrylics (9’ tall and a total of 24’ wide) and utilizing the school’s new logo, painted each canvas a different theme (air, sea, and land animals).  She later painted an 8’ x 12’ oil of “The Patriot” at Pace High School and murals in the teacher’s lounge.  For a few years Elaine painted artwork on walls of Parade homes for a builder in Pace and various other homes as well.

Woodward 3 After meeting a visiting author at Dixon Intermediate School, Elaine began an 8-year period of illustrating children’s books.  During that time she illustrated 50 animal books (early readers) using pastels and a 10-book series (primary age) using watercolor/pen & ink.

In 2001 Elaine began teaching art classes at Creative Art in Pace.  Even though Creative Art is no longer in existence, she still continues teaching a ladies’ class and will soon be teaching a pastel class at the Dragonfly Gallery where she is also a member.

Woodward 4 Woodward 5


Roselli, Richard

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Roselli 02 Richard is a Pensacola native.  He has always been interested in art but has only explored painting for a relatively short period in his life.  First in the mid 70s when he worked in oils and was a member of the Quayside Art Gallery of Pensacola.  Most recently he has concentrated on the medium of watercolor.

Richard paints primarily as a realist and enjoys painting a variety of subjects.  He also takes his inspiration from the beautiful vistas and prominent landmarks of the Florida Gulf Coast and his home town Pensacola.

With no formal art training Richard considers himself a novice and privileged to be associated with the “Blue Morning Gallery”.  See more of his work by following the link above to his other webpage.  Richard would also love to hear from you via the email link above.


Naureckas-Wolfersperger, Laura

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Laura Naureckas-Wolfersperger

Laura Naureckas Wolfersperger; I am an experimental artist.

I am very eclectic and  a mad scientist with art supplies who loves to learn about new ideas, processes and techniques. I like to study varied visual/cultural histories and incorporate them with a twist into my artworks. I like to push mixed media to the extreme with experimentation.

As a professional instructor in fine art, art history and computer graphics for thirty years in public and private learning institutions; I continued to fine tune and continued experimenting with all mediums.

Now a retired instructor, I am able to devote my time to more experimentation with different mediums.

I have a B.A. in Studio Art, B.A. in Art Education and my Interdisciplinary Masters work was in Communication Arts, Art History and Psychology with Internships in Child Psychology at the Children’s Resource Center and in Medical Illustration and Photography in Pathology at West Florida Hospital under Dr. Claudio Torres. I am an U.S. Navy veteran.

I have received numerous awards in the art field but the best award is when someone likes your work enough to buy it.


Wolfersperger 2

Gate, mixed media painting
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