Carol Loethen

Mixed Media | Photography

I moved to Florida in 2003 and it was then that I started selling my jewelry designs. When I lost a husband in 2004 this passion helped me through that dark time. I decided to go back to school and pursue my passion and love of art as a career.

I graduated from Pensacola State College with a GPA of 3.85 and a degree in Graphic Design. I believe having this degree has enhanced my skills as an artist.

Art is definitely my love and passion and I create my art to put a smile on your face, to encourage and inspire girls and women of all ages.  Never give up on your dreams. My wish is to give you hope and joy.

I love color as you will notice in my abstract art weather it is painting faces, flowers, or animals. My designs have sold in small boutiques and all over the world. Also, my art has been published in several magazines. My own signature style is intuitive and an expression of me. I combine watercolor, acrylics, pastels, and collage in my art. I hope you can see the love and passion that goes into each piece of art I design.