Chuck Lisner




Originally from Tyler, Texas, I finished growing up in the Navy in San Diego, Ca. I have been creating art since my first college photography class and was fascinated by the abstract image I created (a light source swinging on a string over an open shutter etching a fascinating pattern against a black background). Little did I know in the ‘70s that the personal joy and inspiration I felt then would lead me to my work today.

I have always been an art enthusiast. Through my travels in the Navy and since I have had the opportunity of seeing great masters of the past and new creators of today. My eyes were opened. Art is everywhere if you are ready to see it. It is in the facades of Prague and the landscapes along our highways. Yesterday’s sightings flow into my work today.

Photography has opened my eyes to the miracles around me. Before I started looking through a photo lens, I didn’t see the world around me. Now, I find myself looking at clouds, shadows, the street, everything and seeing color where before I saw only black and white. I remember someone telling me about the blues in shadows. I had no clue what they were talking about. Now I see those blues and get excited. Now, not only do I see an object but I see the beautiful colors, patterns and glows. WOW!!

In 2013 my family and I traveled to Costa Rica. I had just sold my business and written a rough draft for a historical novel I was planning to write. I was excited to start the novel when I returned from the trip. I bought a Sony camera and in preparation for the trip watched a three-hour training video from B&H Photo on composition. When I returned, my earlier college experience with photography was renewed. I decided that writing was not the direction for me. My artistic journey in photography began. The logo I use today is from that trip as a reminder of my beginnings.

My training from college was long forgotten so I trained at the Photography Institute. I then was accepted to the Blue Morning Gallery as a co-op member. These were very exciting times. It was good to be around other full-time artists. I was also doing some art and craft shows. This was when I began to transition from picture taking to fine art with the help of a new online association, The Arcanum.

The Arcanum is designed after the old master-apprentice training system. We had challenges and my fellow mentors would critique my work and I, theirs. The master would provide input for my work. I would have one-on-one sessions with my master to discuss my work with ideas for improvement. I studied with Robin Griggs Wood, a master compositor. She has been a strong influence on my work. I also began to experiment with digital creations which is one of my main focuses now.

My art takes time to develop and also time to experience. My image, Yellowstone Renewed, is an example of my digital work. I worked it, and set it aside. I worked it again, then set it aside. Finally, it was finished. I knew it was finished because I couldn’t stop looking at it.

My goal is for you to find my work inspiring and to decorate your home or office with it. I want you to enjoy it for many years and for it to become a family heirloom. Please tell me which of my pieces you find appealing. I would enjoy talking with you about it and tell you more about its beginnings and development.