Diana Kaye Obe

Charcoal | Oil | Acrylic Artist

Passion for life vibrates in Diana’s renderings of subjects that capture her imagination. She works most often focusing on a series and in media such as charcoal, oil, acrylics, and pastels, though all media attract her including pottery, computer digital art and web design, metal jewelry making, fabric art and mixed media. Diana is fascinated with the process of color as light which for her is the quintessential … the image, the media, the tool, and herself being at one in the space of creativity.

Although she is a lover of vibrant color, the attraction of the mood created by a simple material through values and line evoked by charcoal makes the medium fascinating to her and constantly keeps her challenged.

Growing up in Wyoming contributed to a love of nature as she roamed the prairies and mountains noticing all that was around her: mountains, streams and prairies, abundant with wildlife. As she grew older, far away places began to call her, inviting travel when possible and she began recording images, delighting in the diversity of landscape, custom and people. Believing that art gives form to experience, the images she transforms into art are translations of her wide and varied experiences for you, the viewer.

Diana flows from portraits of people to still life, wildlife, tropicals, and any other subjects that strike her fancy; scenes from near and far away places, including places in her imagination. She is especially attracted to those subjects that strike an emotional chord within.

Her passion for creating art began in childhood days in Wyoming, but was set aside to raise her children. In 1990 she and her family moved to Pensacola. The prolific art atmosphere of Northwest Florida and opportunities to study under well-known local artists renewed a creative passion and prompted her to return to college to earn her degree in Multimedia Production.

She has exhibited her art in various exhibits and galleries from Wyoming to Pensacola, Florida. Her love for her home, Pensacola, Florida, has given her a passion for all things concerning the Creation and particularly for the Gulf of Mexico and its swamps, wetlands, magnificent oaks, and other beauties of the South. She seeks to honor through her work the culture of the South and beloved “far away places.”