Jane George

The term “artistic style,” is highly individual. Jane George’s art engages the beauty and mystery of the natural world. “I am an observer and interpreter of nature who transfers my vision to canvas, paper and other mediums.” I know that reality has many dimensions. My prints and paintings can be realistic yet fanciful, playful yet serious interpretations of the world I experience.”

Jane George’s interest in the visual arts began as a small child growing up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She loved to create sketchbooks filled with colorful crayon drawings of flowers, animals and imaginative imagery. Her favorite drawing tool was the jumbo box of Crayolas! Her early life was filled with an array of farm animals and pets which her family loved. They provided excellent subjects for a young artist. She soon immersed herself in collecting shells, rocks, leaves and other natural objects which continue to inspire her art today. It was at this time that she began her other love, “bird watching.” She is a member of our local Audubon Society. Jane enjoyed the many trips with her family to Florida, Wyoming and Utah. She still remembers the stunning mountains and rock formations. Florida was an exotic, different world which she never forgot. These travels influenced her future visual imagery.

Jane studied painting, drawing and printmaking at Carnegie-Mellon University where she mastered many printmaking techniques; intaglio (etching), relief printing, lithography, monotypes, moku hanga (Japanese Wood Block printing). She also continues to paint in oil, acrylic and watercolor as well as drawing with Japanese brushes, charcoal, and graphite. Jane married and raised a family in New Jersey. She taught art in public and private schools and the New Jersey State University system. She was also involved in the art community, exhibiting in numerous juried shows, one-man shows and museum exhibitions. Trips to New York City museums and galleries were always stimulating and informative.

She recently moved to Pensacola where she is amazed at the variety, quality and talent expressed in the Gulf artists’ community. She is happy to be back in Florida enjoying the natural beauty and the unique culture of this area. She feels that showing at Blue Morning is a wonderful opportunity to engage a new audience. Jane plans to combine her love of line, color and imagery in her paintings and prints and move to some new, innovative work!