Joy Oxley


As an artist, I am drawn to the sparkle and twinkle of glass! Reflections of color and light, it’s riveting glisten, begs to be created and captured in unique shapes. It is a connection with art and beauty that speaks to the soul.

The fused dichroic glass design in the photo above, is made using a kiln, diamond saws, and lapidary equipment. These gold-filled settings are cold connection work, made using a file, pliers, hammer and steel. I use a lot of silver wire, hammering, and bending into shape with my hands and tools to create original settings.

My other passion in the world of glass is lampworking (torchwork), using pyrex. It’s resilience, clarity, and endless colors evoke wonder, conversation; and accentuate everyone’s own sense of style.

The materials that I use to create my wearable art glass have been manufactured in the USA.
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