Trisha Macks

Gourd Art

Art has been a part of Trisha’s life since her children were very small. With the family moving around quite a lot, drawing
and painting were sanity savers. She has achieved awards for her paintings and has received commissions for many artworks.

While visiting an art show, she became totally inspired by gourd art. Taught pine needle weaving by her mother-in-law years ago, Trisha incorporates that skill into her gourds.

With gourds as a creative awakening, there seems to be no end to what she can do with them.

Currently a resident of Walnut Hill, Florida, Trisha wants to add gourds to the many plants and veggies she and her husband Offie grow on their farm. To realize that gourds were one of the first plants cultivated and used for vessels since pre-historic times is amazing.

A substantial part of Trisha’s inspiration comes from nature, wildlife, and the environment she lives in. For example, the pine needles she uses come from longleaf pines. Trisha considers every naked gourd to be a challenge and loves the process.