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Myers, Freddy “UKIAH”

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Freddy Myers "UKIAH"Ukiah 6 Retiring military parents brought his family to Pensacola in the early 70’s.  Arriving at Pensacola Beach, he began a 40 year avid love for surfing.  Working with various surfboard lines designing artwork, he has traveled from the east to west coast resettling in Pensacola in 2009.

Ukiah 4 As a 10 yr old enterprising young artist, his career began with a table, chair, permanent ink markers and a sign advertising “custom artwork”.  Soon, local neighborhood kids were lining up with white t-shirts.  And so it began, a lifelong love of art in all forms.  Self-taught, he draws from an inner source in creating his art.

His work ventures into a variety of mediums: fabric and textile paintings, automotive/motorcycle custom artwork, acrylics, airbrushed surfboards, etc.  The recent addition of “Posha Pens” has expanded all artwork to new depths in their detail.

Transitioning to fine artworks, he utilizes “art boards“, a non-rideable surfboard used as a fine art piece.  Expanding even further, he will soon present glassworks and word imagery on fiberglass pieces.

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