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2021 BMG Scholarship Exhibition Caroline Erb Artist Bio Art has been a lifelong practice for Caroline Erb, who is currently a junior in the UWF Studio Art BFA program. As a 27-year-old neurodivergent autistic woman and long-term mental illness survivor, Caroline utilizes traditional art mediums like watercolor and colored pencil as a means of processing…

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Out to Sea

Priscilla Clark With a studio overlooking Santa Rosa Sound, Priscilla’s pottery reflects life and movement in, on, over and under the sea. Rhea Kessler Using the Traditional Japanese method of painting fish called “Gyotaku”, Rhea has painted over fifty of our area’s local species. Linda Tynan Linda captures sea life and the reflections of the…

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Grout and Glass

Our first Spotlight on Art show of 2021 features the big and bold works of Paul Crawford (stained glass) and Mark Schmitt (tile art). The show runs from January 1 through January 30. Paul Crawford With over 20 years of making original art in stained glass, Paul predominantly works in copper foil ( also known…

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Adorn Jewelers Show

Each year in February the Blue Morning Gallery is proud to present the Adorn Jewelers Show featuring fine art jewelers with unique materials and designs. Suzette Brooks Suzette works with fused glass and has recently started exploring the magical nature of enamels. Diana Keenan Diana’s jewelry reflexes her aesthetic of beauty, precision and subtle reflection….

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“Mixed Menagerie”

This show begins September 6, 2020 and runs until January 30, 2020 and features: Suzi Eveleth – Glass Artist Enjoy fanciful light-catching Art made from fused bottle glass mosaiced onto vintage frames. Staci Miron – Mixed Media Staci Miron is a self-taught experimental artist and teacher juried in Photography, Mixed Media, Acrylic Oil; originally juried in…

Read More This exhibit runs 9.6.20 - 10.10.20

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Queens and Wild Things

“The world is filled with the unknown. Like a Queen, we should rise up and embrace them. ‘Queens and wild things’ is four artists’ explorations into the natural and wild of the world and the human spirit.” Delia Stone, Jewelry Pensacola jeweler, Delia Stone, will be featuring her Into the Wilds line: A study of…

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Summer Solstice

This show features Suzanne Tuzzeo, Photographer and Tammy Caspersen, Pottery. The days of summer, current and past, are captured in this show that begins June 28.

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“A New Normal”

Beverly ElliotAn artist’s ideal day has the freedom to create art without stop, resulting in NEW art NEW style and bright metallics. Karron Troil Isolation proves that art is an essential part of life. NEW expressions extend well-honed skills with abstract fluid art. Jan Kurtz Jewelry extends painting to wearable art. NEW materials include copper, leather…

Read More This exhibit runs 6.7.20 - 6.27.20
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