Elliott, Beverly

Bev Elliot

I am Bev Elliott and I have resided in and around Pensacola for the last 50 years. I love our city and consider myself a semi-native and can’t imagine living anywhere else.

I have been interested in art in one form or another since I was a young girl. Some of my artistic expressions have been stained glass, designing/fabric lingerie, window dresser (Gayfers), tablescapes, interior decorating and poetry.

Upon retiring from NAS I was fortunate to be able to study historic decorative painting in France, Italy and many studios in the US. An accident three years ago ended that career. I still had the creative juices flowing and so began doing canvas work. Very difficult and very challenging; what you see displayed here are some of my efforts. I feel truly blessed to have been invited to show at Blue Morning Gallery and especially thankful for the guidance and encouragement of some of Pensacola’s amazing artists. I hope you enjoy the fruits on my Art Tree and welcome your comments.

Thank you,