Carlson, Joshua

Making photographs is my preferred method to manifest my internal subjective narrative out into the real world. Once there I am able to observe my creations objectively and gain real insight into “what’s really going on in there”. Said another way: It is a window into my soul.My name is Joshua and I am a Pensacola Florida resident since 2011. I have been cultivating the practice of making photographs for over 20 years now and I have no intention of slowing my pursuit. My goal in performing this ritual is to intentionally focus on my senses in order to open a space for my spirit to lead. My hope is that I find temporary satisfaction and a deeper understanding of my life.I wander the natural areas around Pensacola in hopes of picking up on what speaks out to me amongst the beautifully chaotic order of it all. Once I have a sense about something in my chest the real work can begin. I unpack my gear and labor about trying to find “a way of seeing” that satisfies that original curiosity found. In essence I am attempting to carve out patterns and/or suggestions from figures and landscapes to reveal their extraordinary attributes. It is the light and shadows that animates them. I photograph something not only for what it is but also for what else it is.It is extremely important to me that I perform the entire photographic process myself. From conception of an idea all the way through to the performance in print. My process is rather laborious and I spare no expense on time, tools and high quality archival materials to see apiece through. In bringing these images to you from areas within and surrounding Pensacola it is my hope to facilitate a communion of sorts. Something that brings us together for a moment of contemplation in a fundamentally human place.“You don’t take a photograph, you make it.” St. Ansel

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