Clark, Priscilla

Artist Statement

With my home and studio located on beautiful Pensacola Beach, I am constantly inspired by sea and all it encompasses. My work reflects the movement of the waves, sail boats in the wind, birds spiraling in the sky, creatures swimming and floating on the water, washed up driftwood on the shore, the colors of the sun, the water and the sand. I find the medium of clay promotes freedom to express the three-dimensional spirit of the ocean and its inhabitants. The shapes, colors and carvings are my interpretation of the beauty that I see around me every day.

Bio: Though inspired early on by all types of art; the need to provide for a husband and two children motivated several degrees in Psychology and subsequent employment as a School Psychologist. After a move to Vail, CO where no jobs in my field were available, I interned as an accountant for a year before striking out on my own; working for several multi-million dollar companies as part of the accounting teams. When I retired, I had time to come back to my love of art and working with my hands. I fell head over heels in love with pottery which continues to inspire me 10 years later.