Leonard, Dave


Dave Leonard

A decade ago, David walked into the Graphic Arts Department of a local college to sign up for a class in watercolor painting. He made a wrong turn into the pottery class and has never really come out. He is a potter. He throws bowls and pots on the wheel and makes his own glazes. He is a simple potter who makes functional and artistic clay pieces for his own enjoyment and the enjoyment of others. His favorite pieces to work on are very large bowls and large platters or vases that are distinctive in appearance.

David also creates masks of unusual design and look. They are fired to high temperature in oxidation (kiln) or by using Paul Soldner’s Raku method of fire and pit-smoking to create uniquely vivid color and contrast.

David has studied with some of the greats of the pottery world. He has taken workshops and classes from Jack Troy, Val Cushing, Paul Soldner, Ron Meyers, Richard Zakin, Stephen Hill and Ken Ferguson.

He doesn’t try to explain his work in terms of some deep inner feeling. Rather, he enjoys the creation of something that has beauty and that others can capture a sense of enjoyment from by holding it in their hands. Or, they can simply know that David’s vision of art and color has been passed, through clay, from his hands … to theirs.

David is an award-winning artist, who has presented his work throughout the Gulf Coast states. He has exhibited in art shows, galleries and pottery workshops. He displays his work at the Blue Morning Gallery.