Williams, Dave


Since I was a child, I have always loved and been fascinated by rocks. I believe stones are the wardens of Earth’s memories. After working for nineteen years in construction, a friend showed me how to cut a stone and started me on an entirely new journey. At the age of 37, I began learning how to turn those stones into wearable jewelry and I’ve never looked back. I first sold my pieces at flea markets, then began doing art and craft events and other artists venues. A whole new world opened in front of me.

I love cutting stones. There is always a sense of discovery being the first to see the interior of a rock. After 30 years and thousands of stones I’m still a child filled with wonder at the beauty and randomness of this natural world. I also feel a deep responsibility to showcase each stone in the best way I possibly can.

I work exclusively in Sterling Silver and Karat Gold. I fabricate all of my pieces and strive to showcase whatever stone I’m using. Little makes me happier than seeing someone’s face light up with appreciation at one of my pieces of jewelry.
My days are filled with joy and purpose. What I do is not earth-shaking, but I know that I do brings a little joy to people and that gives me both peace and happiness.