Fischbeck, Tamara

I paint memories… As a contemporary landscape artist, my work often encompasses atmospheric skies and wide-open spaces

of a childhood growing up in the Midwest and endless summers spent on the Gulf Coast.  I am a minimalist.  My paintings reflect

the adage “ less is more. “ 

My mother was the creative force in my life.  I remember the boxes of crayons, stacks of colored paper, and paints she would purchase

for me.  As an adult,  I pursued a master’s degree in school counseling and worked many years in this field.  It wasn’t until I took a job

overseas in Saudi Arabia counseling expat children that things began to change.  The Gulf War started and I found myself searching

for a way to support my students.  I remembered the joy I found in creating as a child, so I incorporated art into the therapy sessions.

 I discovered it allowed the children a means of expressing their fears and uncertainties without using words.  This experience opened

my eyes once again to the power of art and what I wanted to pursue back in the States.

When I returned home, I continued to incorporate art with the students I counseled.  But as it often happens, I put my own personal

expression on the back-burner. My own journey did not begin until I retired.  During the first couple of years, I painted from my

garage, on my kitchen island, taking a variety of workshops and joining several community art organizations.  First City Art Center

provided me with studio space and a sense of belonging.  Six years later, here I am.

Blue Morning Gallery feels like the perfect next step.  I am fortunate to be surrounded by like-minded artists who are willing to

offer advice, encouragement, and friendship.  My journey continues with no exact route or precise destination, only the joy of

expressing myself through the creative art of painting.