A Whales View by Karron Troil at Blue Morning Gallery

Troil, Karron

Karron is a native of Pensacola. She is retired and enjoying time at home with her family. Karron began her working career at the age of fifteen and retired from full-time work at fifty.

Through the years, she daydreamed about a more personal career and was drawn to art, especially abstracts. For the past five years, Karron has attended various classes and worked to grow in her craft. In 2017, she decided to become a full-time artist and is currently producing acrylic abstract art filled with vibrant colorations.

Artist statement

I am an intuitive painter. My only goal, when I paint, is to create something new from the heart and enjoy the moment. Each painting is unique and filled with vibrant colors. I always listen to music in my studio. Music sparks creativity in me, and the tempo brings my paintings to life. I mostly use acrylics in my work. Sometimes I mix and pour the paint, and other times I use tools to create my paintings.

Thank you for visiting and viewing my work.