Stewart, Kathy

Kathy has 34 years of experience in the design of commercial, ecclesiastical, institutional and residential interiors. She has a Fine Arts degree from Indiana University of Pennsylvania and an Interior Design degree from LaRoche College. With her firm, Kathy Stewart Designs, she designs projects for corporate, educational and residential clients. Projects range from designing draperies for a University’s ballroom to a computer server room using the latest technologies. Painting has always been her passion and she is striving to find that work/ life balance that will include more time to paint.

For 20 years her design career focused on church projects. This involved making changes to existing church interiors to make the space more functional and relevant for the members of each particular church. This often involved the restoration of existing paintings on walls and ceilings where she would work from scaffolding to repair damage and retouch faded artwork. Other projects called for new pieces. She did life-size drawings that were then sent to artisans in Europe to fabricate mosaics or create wood carvings. For other projects, she painted large new oil paintings in the Western style of Eastern Orthodox icons. More recently, she has focused on residential interiors. The projects range from guiding the client in the selection of new furnishings to designing the total kitchen and bathroom renovations. In all of her projects, she works with the client to develop, curate, and display their own art collections.