Tuzzeo, Suzanne

Unique Award-Winning Photo Art

Award-winning photo art awaits. Uniquely capturing ordinary and not so ordinary elements and locations is the essence of my photography. Seeking out distinctive locations that speak to me, often off the beaten path, and a selection of local icons with a twist, offer the familiar and the strange. Working individually with each photo, tweaking with personal use of color that is accentuated by the distinct custom finishing, has produced the individual perspectives you will find in my work.

Photographic choices that take the mundane to the unusual is my signature style and has produced many award-winning photos. The colorful images take on a dimension that is an artistic addition to any home or office. A wide variety of content and sizes are available so whether you are looking for an intimate piece or a large statement, you’ll find it here. I strive to provide photo art that is the perfect addition to any interior design. Monochromatic images are another personal favorite. Capturing the purity, the contrast, the mood, and, of course, the subject matter, is always a photographic ideal. I hope you will enjoy my work as much as I’ve enjoyed bring it to you. I accept commissions, so if you have something special you would like to capture with a unique perspective, remember Suzanne.  You can discover a wide selection of my art at suzannetuzzeo.com or email me at suzanne.tuzzeo@gmail.com.