Brooks, Suzette

Fused Glass

Suzette Brooks is a glass artist who has been studying and experimenting with warm glass for over 18 years. She was first introduced to the intricacies of kiln-formed glass by artist Jim Eriksen, in Oahu, Hawaii where she lived and worked. Upon her return to Navarre Beach, Florida she continued her exploration of glass fusing and worked to find ways to incorporate the hues of color, as well as textures, design, and pattern into each piece she makes. The multi-step process she uses includes design, color selection, glass cutting, layout, and multiple firings to temperatures exceeding 1500 degrees Fahrenheit. The firing process is controlled to ensure that the glass anneals properly and that thermal shocking is avoided. Suzette has attended classes with a number of warm glass professionals across the United States, including Richard LaLonde, Newey Fagan, Jayne Persico, and Patty Gray. She and her husband, Mike, owned Glass Act in Ft Walton Beach Florida for 6 years, where Suzette taught many artists to fuse.

She currently works out of Studio 399 in Gulf Breeze, FL where she creates commissions and architectural designs for homes and businesses.

Artist Statement:
“Glass is an exciting and challenging medium that is extremely stimulating to me. One never stops learning when you apply heat to glass! Each piece I create is made with the goal of bringing warm, seductive colors and textures that will be visually exotic and satisfying for the future owner!”