Tremmel, Jeffery

Jeffery Tremmel is an artist living in Pensacola, Florida. He was born in the suburbs of Seattle, Washington, on the third day of February in the year 1979. During the Halloween season of 1985, Jeffery moved to Pensacola with his mother and younger sister.

As an imaginative youth, Jeffery escaped into the fantastic worlds presented in action and adventure movies and fantasy and science fiction books. He would spend time flipping through picture books of vampires, werewolves, and other fantastic creatures and prehistoric animals. Jeffery enjoyed playing Dungeons & Dragons, video games, and other such forms of entertainment that offered a doorway into another world.

Jeffery attended school in Escambia County, where he took high school classes in photography. Tapping into his creative mind, he found he enjoyed and was inherently talented in capturing images. These classes provided him with the opportunity to master the use of an SLR camera and experience working with black & white film in a darkroom setting.

After graduating from Escambia High School, Jeffery worked several jobs, primarily in the restaurant and construction industries. As he entered into his twenties, Jeffery made the friendships that he would keep the rest of his life. He often carried a camera, photographing and documenting the world around him. He was also creating short films with his friends using a digital video camera. Jeffery’s keen eye for perspective and context was admired and applauded amongst his friends. In July of 2006, Jeffery had son, giving him another, more personal subject to photograph.

Jeffery attended what was then Pensacola Junior College in pursuit of a Graphic Design degree. He learned to use Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, and once again had access to a darkroom for hands on photo development. Jeffery bought his first digital camera during this time as well. He left the program before he was able to graduate in order to care for his young son. It was during this time that Jeffery met his supportive partner, Lauren. A dedicated father, Jeffery entered the environmental sciences industry as an analyst. Years later, Jeffery continues to succeed in this field that allows him to provide for his son and challenges his creative and analytical mind.

Travel is another interest of Jeffery’s. Though his excursions are primarily in the southern United States, he has had the opportunity to visit the D.C. area, New York,
Tennessee, Colorado, and the Pacific Northwest. He always brings his camera when he travels, capturing images through his unique perspective. Several times a year, Jeffery makes trips to New Orleans with his family to visit good friends and photograph the city and surrounding countryside.

No matter where he is, Jeffery still carries a camera and photographs the people around him and the places he visits. He shares the world as he sees it through the lens of his camera.