Blue Angels Brilliance

Current Event

The Blue Morning Gallery is proud to present “Blue Angels Brilliance,” a month-long exhibition showcasing the awe-inspiring feats of the United States Navy Blue Angels demonstration squadron through the captivating lenses of photographers Sean Mullins and David Shultz, alongside the vibrant brushstrokes of painters, AG Tapscott and Beth Stage.

This stunning display, running from now through July 27th, 2024, features a collection of works specifically dedicated to capturing the exhilarating maneuvers and breathtaking beauty of the Blue Angels. From the heart-stopping precision of their formations to the vibrant trails of smoke that paint the sky, these artists offer a unique perspective on the iconic airshow performers.

Featured Artists:

Sean Mullins: A photographer known for his ability to capture the dynamic energy and precision of the Blue Angels in flight.
Beth Stage: An oil painter and charcoalist whose work brings a sense of movement and vibrancy to the Blue Angels’ dazzling performances.
David Shultz: A photographer who captures the intricate forms and stunning details of the Blue Angels’ aircraft.
AG Tapscott: A painter who creates striking compositions that highlight the power and grace of the Blue Angels in action.