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Become an Artist Member of Blue Morning Gallery

Join Pensacola's Local Art Co-Operative

Are you a working artist who lives within a 60-mile radius of Blue Morning Gallery? Are you looking to become a Member Artist of a supportive environment where you can exhibit your work with a unique community of artists?

If this sounds like you, Blue Morning Gallery invites you to submit your work for review by the Gallery’s jury committee for artist membership consideration. For more information on becoming a Member Artist, please fill out our contact form or ask for a Membership Application at the Gallery.

Want to Be a Member Artist of Blue Morning Gallery?

Here’s what it means to be one of our members:

Membership in Blue Morning Gallery is a privilege and, as such, comes with certain expectations and responsibilities.

Member Artist Benefits of Membership

Blue Morning Gallery is a great place to sell your work, but members must remember that they are the ones who keep the gallery running. Member Artist benefits include:

  • Display of your art in a professional setting.
  • Promotion of your art through Gallery advertisements and news releases.
  • Professional business address and phone number.
  • Frequent opportunities to interact with the art-buying public and other artists.
  • Processing of cash, checks and credit card sales, including credit card fees and sales tax reporting to the State of Florida.
  • Eligibility to be highlighted as a Blue Morning Gallery Featured Artist.

Member Artist Requirements

Blue Morning Gallery is an artist-owned and operated RETAIL art gallery — it is NOT a museum or a consignment gallery. Blue Morning Gallery Member Artist are bestowed responsibilities and voting rights that relate to and/or govern the operation of the Gallery.

Required Services and Duties

Blue Morning Gallery is active in many community events and stages many of our own events, too. Each Member Artist is expected to actively participate in these events and the operation of the Gallery. During the term of Membership, each Member Artist shall provide the following services to the Gallery, or other such services as mutually agreed upon in writing:

  • All Members MUST work desk duty for three shifts per month (one shift = 3.5 hours) for each space occupied in the Gallery.
  • The work requirement for membership BEGINS at a minimum of 10.5 total hours per month of desk duty, PLUS participation in monthly Gallery Nights and other Special Events.
  • Members are solely responsible for scheduling their work shifts. While we understand life happens and the need to reschedule a work shift may be necessary, Members are solely responsible for rescheduling work shifts. Members MUST inform the Staffing Director of any and all changes in work schedules in advance.
  • If you have vision restrictions for night driving, be advised, Blue Morning Gallery is open for business until 8:30 p.m., at least 4 nights per week. Additional Gallery events take place during evening hours.
  • Gallery Members must be able to climb a ladder and be able to lift up to 20 pounds.
  • Members MUST either serve on the Board of Directors, as a member of a sub-committee or commit to a specific job as detailed in the Jobs for Members List to keep their membership active.
  • Members are required to attend the bi-monthly Members Business Meetings held at 5:30 p.m.on the fourth Monday in January, March, May, July, September, and November.
  • All newly-invited Members will receive a performance review after 90 days. If a new Member receives a poor performance review, the immediate termination of this agreement is possible.

Member Artist Fees, Dues, Sales and Commission Information

  • If invited to join the Gallery, new Members must submit a one-time $50 membership processing fee, dues for the first month space rental, and a $20 annual fee which goes to the funding of a Scholarship in the name of Blue Morning Gallery for a deserving student in the Art Department at the University of West Florida.
  • Monthly space dues are $55 per space.
  • All sales are subject to a 15% commission.

How to Apply for Membership

Follow each of the steps listed below to get started!

Note: Because of the serious commitment required to become a Member Artist, only applicants living within a 60-mile radius of Pensacola will be considered for membership.

  • Fill out an Artist Membership Application.
  • Submit between five and 10 color photographs of your current work and provide three pieces of original artwork in a media subcategory, ready for gallery display. All work must be original. Identify each photograph with your name, the title, medium and retail price of the work.
  • Applying artists are only allowed to jury into one medium at a time.
  • Include a current resume, three references, an artist’s statement and the $45 non-refundable screening fee.
  • Following the preliminary screening, you will be contacted and given a deadline to submit your work for jurying. If you are successful in the jurying process, you will then be scheduled for an interview with a Member on the Gallery’s Board of Directors to explain the responsibilities of membership in Blue Morning Gallery.
  • All Sales for a Member during a calendar month will be paid after the first part of the following month, less a 15% commission taken by the Gallery.

Apply to Become a Member Artist of Blue Morning Gallery Today!

Download the Blue Morning Gallery Membership Application (PDF), or pick one up at the Gallery located at 21 S. Palafox Place in Downtown Pensacola, Florida during our normal business hours.