New Blues Show

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Each year Blue Morning Gallery spotlights those members who joined the Gallery during the previous year as featured artists in the New Blues show.This year, we are pleased to announce the New Blues show participants.  They are Beth Stage, Michelle Schwaiger, Joy Schulz,Wanda Azzorio Goldberg, Rachel Pongetti, Shawn Riley and Alex Gossman.

Please join us at Blue Morning to enjoy the latest art from these talented and creative members of the Gallery.  The show opens on Monday, January 1st at  21 S Palafox Place, Pensacola, Fl.  Feel free to contact the Gallery with questions.  Our number is 850-429-9100.

Beth’s oil paintings feature landscapes with vivid color gradients and textures that draw inspiration from nature’s profound beauty.In the midst of life’s hustle, chaos, and anxiety, Beth aspires to transport the viewer into a peaceful, tranquil escape, a sanctuary where you can listen, smell, gaze up towards the sky, and… breathe.

Michelle creates sea-life imagery on canvas using modified pour techniques. She starts with a pour and manipulates it during several stages of drying to create the illusion of water and coral. Once dry, she comes back in and adds sea creatures using various brush techniques. She hopes her imagery will help give an awareness and added respect for our oceans.

Joy Schulz is a native of the Gulf Coast and her jewelry is inspired by living the beach life. The materials of choice are natural stones, wood and shell in creating pieces of varying color, texture and shape. The pieces are versatile and cohesive to mix, match and layer in creating an emotion in being free to be who you want to be.

Wanda’s work reflects her colorful background in the circus where she performed for 35 years. She works with acrylics on canvas and her inspiration comes from her memories and the beautiful flora and fauna of the Emerald coast.

Rachel is a Pensacola-based art educater, photographer and multi disciplined artist. She primarily focuses on the visual culture of her surrounding community and the theme of impermanence.

The majority of Shawns work is color photography of the Coastal Birds located in the NW FL area. The movement, color, tension and personality of these birds are what he is trying to capture. He is attempting to invoke a mood in the viewer along with displaying the beauty of the creatures themselves. His hope is that viewers will not only enjoy the images but learn to appreciate the wildlife that is surrounding them in this area.

Alex is a Pensacola native who utilizes the craft of metalsmithing as his artistic outlet. He primarily works with silver and gold and enjoys the exploration of various styles of jewelry making.