Queens and Wild Things

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“The world is filled with the unknown. Like a Queen, we should rise up and embrace them. ‘Queens and wild things’ is four artists’ explorations into the natural and wild of the world and the human spirit.”

Delia Stone, Jewelry

Pensacola jeweler, Delia Stone, will be featuring her Into the Wilds line: A study of nature in precious metals and gemstones.

Lou Courtney Mitchell, Pottery

My clay work is about looking into the similarities with each other and with the natural world. 

Chip Spirson, Painting

Chip Spirson’s reflections of the human condition are synthesized, personalized interpretations of the natural/social world and inquiries into the things that are. 

Kelsi Adams, Composite Photography 

Kelsi’s work explores the tiny moments of invincibility of the human spirit as well as elements of the unknown, natural world.