Spotlight on Art

“UWF Scholarship Show”

Exhibition Begins: Wednesday 25th March, 2018
Exhibition Ends:Friday 21st April, 2018
Reception : 5-8pm Friday 6th April, 2018. Gallery Night @ Blue Morning Gallery

Featuring UWF Scholarship Award Recipient
Blue Morning Gallery is proud to present 2018 UWF Scholarship to UWF recipient, Sarah Huckaby. Congratulations Sarah!
Stay tuned for more information~

You can also visit us on our website at and on Facebook.

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“True West”

Exhibition Begins: Sunday April 22nd ,2018
Exhibition Ends:Sunday May 26th ,2018
Reception : Friday May 18th, 2018, Gallery Night @ Blue Morning Gallery

Featured Artist:
Allan Jones –Photography
Chuck Lisner – Photography
This extraordinary show features a selected collection of fine art photographs from Allen Jones and Chuck Lisner‘s separate RV trips across the western United States in 2017.
Allen Is an Icon photographer, while Chuck is versed in an eclectic combination of natures elements.
You don’t want to miss this show!
For more information, visit us on our website at and on Facebook.

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Gallery Night – April 20th

The next Gallery Night will be April 20th. Please drop by our Gallery at 21 S. Palafox Place for a fun evening of musical entertainment provided by Sweet Prospect and refreshments and a chance to see our GREAT LOCAL ART. During the April Gallery Night, you’ll be able to view our special Featured Artist Show, featuring our 2018 University of West Florida Scholarship Recipient, Sarah Huckaby. Plan on participating in all of the fun and festivities. It’s free and open to the public!

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Announcing Our 2018 UWF Scholarship Recipient

An explorer at heart, Sarah Huckaby’s art pays homage to the natural world and all its inherent charm. Through an array of media such as stained glass, oil paint, and ink, Sarah captures the unique and picturesque views she finds while roaming outdoors.
Currently, Sarah is a student at the University of West Florida, pursuing degrees in both Art History and Studio Art Practice. She aspires to one day channel her enthusiasm and love for the arts into working at a museum or gallery, where she feels she can serve her community by teaching and inspiring others about the significance of art and creative processes. For her, the dream is not just about making art, but sharing the artistic experience with others in as many different ways as possible.

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Blue Morning Gallery Is a Must Stop!

“BMG is a “must” stop when in the Pensacola area. Great gift ideas and wonderful artwork. I never leave without at least one new item in my possession!”

Bonnie LeBlanc Welch


Blue Morning Gallery is an Awesome Place!

“This is an awesome place to visit, and I really enjoyed the wonderful arts and crafts they had for us, and I hope they continue to have it!  Thank you!”

Rosita Torres


I Love Blue Morning Gallery!

If it wasn’t for Blue Morning Gallery, I don’t think I would have been able to create & sell as many artworks as I have. 

Thanks Blue Morning Gallery.


Christine -- Pensacola »


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