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Level 2 – Coiled Pine Needle Basketry Instruction

This is a 5-hour Class offered on two consecutive Saturday mornings of 2.5 hours each, from 10 AM to 12:30 pm

Dates: Saturday, April 9, 2016 and Saturday, April 16, 2016
Time 10:00 am to 12:30 pm each Saturday
Instructor: Solange Kelley
Location Blue Morning Gallery – 21 S. Palafox Place – Upstairs Classroom (Free and easy parking available behind the Gallery on weekends. Entrance to parking lot from Baylen Street).
Skill Level: Intermediate
Cost: $50.00 per student
Registration: Use the convenient “Secure Order and Register” form on the right side of this page. Or register and pay at the first class.

Materials Needed: Plenty of plain & colored raffia and de-capped pine needles will be supplied by Instructor. **
**NOTE: Former students taking this class may already be equipped with their preferred binding materials such as plain or colored sinew, cotton threads, wax cords, floss, etc… and may prefer to bring their own colors for this project. Reminder to bring a small pair of scissors.

Week 1 will cover:
* how to start an oval platter
* how to increase stitches at each long end of the platter
* how to make the “Y” stitch
* tips on switching from “Y” stitck to plain stitch
* how to split intermittent stitches evenly around the platter
* how to insert embellishments in a specific area

Week 2 – After adding a few rows on your own at home during the week in between classes, your oval platter should be ready to add a slightly raised finished edge.  You will learn:
* how to evenly distribute and create voids
* how to work a lone coil which will meander in and out of the voids created in the prior row
* how to finish the meandering coil

At the end of Week 2, you will take home a lovely oval platter to proudly display with its more intricate stitches and embellishments. These intermediate techniques require that you already be comfortable with the basic instructions of the Level 1 class.


Art for Scouts Workshops Available

Girl Scout and Boy Scout Leaders!

Are you looking for a unique and interesting way to help your troop earn their Art/Craft Merit Badges?

The professional artists of Blue Morning Gallery follow official scouting guidelines and requirements for age appropriate Merit Badges.

Why Blue Morning Gallery?

  • Professional, working artist instructors
  • Large, bright and fully outfitted classroom
  • Stimulating environment surrounded by original art
  • Recognized, award-winning local art gallery
  • Starting at $10/child, depending on badge project and materials required

For more information about this program, contact:

Mary Anne Sweida
[email protected]