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Spotlight on Art Show: “Expressions”
Featured Artists:
Jan Kurtz – Jewelry
Jean Tarnok – Photography
Brenda Wood – Gourd Artist
Elaine Woodward – Painter
Exhibition Dates
September 8 – October 12, 2019

As artists, our artwork is a unique expression of our observations, such as psychological, visual or spiritual. These observations are conveyed in very personal and unique ways.
One trait artists possess in common is that they are keen observers. As keen observers, artists are driven to make expressions regarding these findings. These may be conveyed in the form of a visual reflection, and illuminating insight or an empathetic response. Thus, the resulting artwork may be realistic, abstract, impressionistic or expressionistic in form. But most all are some types of expressions of observations.

As all four of us are very different individuals, our observations and expressions will be vastly different. These expressions are what makes art so interesting and meaningful to artists and the observers. It is a form of communication, which though maybe without words, often results in being very clear, touching and enlightening.

The art of music, drama, dance and many other forms add a wonderful dimension to our lives.

Please enjoy these expressions we’ve created and displayed to share with you. ………………….. Jean, Jan, Elaine, and Brenda

Blue Morning Gallery is located at the heart of downtown Pensacola, 21 Palafox Place, Pensacola, Florida

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