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“Organic Elements for the Artful Soul”

Exhibition Begins: August 5th ,2018
Exhibition Ends:September 8th ,2018
Reception : Friday August 17th , 2018, Gallery Night @ Blue Morning Gallery

Featured Artist:
Cathryn Deal-Photography
Amy Hines- Metalsmith
Ric Koressel- Woodwork
Holly Vaughn- Jewelry
Organic Elements for the Artful Soul features the work of Cathryn Deal (photography), Amy Hines (metal), Ric Koressel (wood), and Holly Vaughn (jewelry).

Nature is Cathryn Deal’s connection to spirituality. With all the distractions in life, she can return to nature and become calm and still. Through photography she loves to capture those moments of awareness and share them.

Always inspired by nature, metal artist Amy Hines manipulates mild steel into sculptural forms to compliment both indoor and outdoor spaces. Each piece is sketched and then hand cut to be bent and welded, producing unexpected results with every effort.

Ric Koressel’s passion for working wood began with a table saw acquired while in college. From that time on he has gained skills and knowledge from books and hands-on experimentation. The vast number of wood species with their incredibly varied hues and grain patterns have allowed him a virtually unlimited palette. His boxes are assembled with only glue and precise joinery. In addition to being functional, they contain sculptural elements and a bit of whimsy.

Beaches provide some of nature’s best gifts. In this collection, jewelry artist Holly Vaughn takes inspiration from the subtle colors, rounded shapes, and smooth textures of beach pebbles she has personally collected. Framed in sterling silver and accented with gemstones, she has created a collection of wearable art that is organic in its roots and artful by design.
You don’t want to miss this show!
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